About Ringo

Music is unbelievably influential, both as an art form and as a medium of expression. Often considered one of the most accessible and universal forms of cultural identity, music transcends language barriers and possesses the unique ability to express emotions and ideas impossible to capture in words. Therefore, music plays a vital role in developing communities worldwide, from identity-preserving traditional folk music and the voice of the unheard in hip-hop to contemporary new youth culture shaping pop music.

Music, for that reason, is also a fundamental pillar in audio-visual storytelling. Whether it’s “Song 2” blaring out from the menu screen of FIFA 95 on a PlayStation 2, Dick Dale’s reverbed guitar as the soundtrack for a robbery in Pulp Fiction, a gorilla beating the drums to the iconic “da-da-da-da-da-da-da-dum-dum-dum” by Phil Collins or the yearly John Lewis Christmas Advertisements featuring anything from reworks of Blink 182 to Elton John, music is both the seasoning and the sauce that creates an emotional connection with a scene, a character, a world or a brand. 

Right now, however, legally obtaining all the necessary “sync” licenses from all sorts of parties is an operational nuisance, with many creatives and audio-visual storytellers walking away, opting for other, often creatively compromising, but operationally feasible music sourcing.

Our mission at Ringo is to make these sync operations accessible, safe, simple, and stress-free while aiming to accelerate sync revenues, increase the volume of sync placements, and expand the range of music used in sync, creating career-altering opportunities for both new and upcoming as well as older and forgotten gems and artists. 

Effectively, Ringo streamlines the sync licensing process, reducing the operational complexity, time, and cost required to secure music rights for various media formats for creative organizations to focus on what they do best- being creative. 

Founded in 2021 and funded in June 2023, we are now at the cusp of releasing our first product in a private beta to a select group of testers. A first step, or better, the drummer’s 1-2-3-4, for our symphony of innovation within the expansive music-for-media industry.

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We are currently testing in private beta, but you can join the waitlist for early access in March 2024 for the public beta.

Team Ringo!